The Z In Drag

Apr 1, 2022

Robert Barr’s Z Story:  1971 240Z – The license plate says DRAGZTR, and I refer to her as CHRIZTINE. My 240z came into my family back in the mid 90’s. While I was working at my fathers auto shop, he purchased the car from a man who sold it as an unfinished project. It was bare metal, had a roll cage, and a mock up of suspension. No engine, and a placeholder of a transmission. The car entered the collection of cars my dad has, the mechanics personal project to do list, that they never have the time to complete. She was rolled in and out of shop bays, stored in a spare room, and shoved into one corner or another for over 20 years at the shop. My father always discussed how he wanted to finish the car, he really wanted to see it complete and put it in some local car shows and race it.

Fast forward to 2016, I approached my father and asked him to sell me the car, and I would finish it. I wanted him to see the car complete and make it something he would be proud to sit next to at a car show or at the strip. Through 2 cross country moves, and over 5 years I slowly found spare time during the evenings and weekends to complete the car. I was able to complete the car in the summer of 2021, and placed her in the home town car show that my dad always wanted to show her in. Now after a few car shows, I have moved on to wanting to race the car, and am now configuring the safety options on the car to allow me to see how well she runs down the track. I am looking forward to seeing what she can do!

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite