The Neighbor’s Daughter Deal

Jan 22, 2022

Joey Ettles got his first Z and shared his Z Story:

“Our neighbor passed away last winter and his daughter inherited everything. He had 3 cars… 2 zcars (ours the ’77, not sure the year of the other one) and a 69 wildcat custom. She gave us the Wildcat for free (we sold it – not my style). Sold the the other zcar to her friend and had plans to keep the 77′. We called her months later and ask if she would sell the 77′ Z she kept and she was interested. We came up with a plan to meet and now the 77′ Z is ours😁 We got it for $3500😎. It had been sitting for 15-20 years if not longer.

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite