The Clubs Fit

Oct 30, 2023

Mike’s Z story: Wanted one for years but never pulled the string. We moved from Atlanta 31/2 years ago, glad we did. I started my search about 18 months ago from Dallas to Tulsa and around Arkansas. Finally found what I wanted; 2020 Sport Touring automatic Pearl finish, January of 22. Excellent condition with very low miles.

Really wanted the 2020, didn’t make a 2021, as I wanted the last of the REAL Z body. Not a fan of the new body style. I’m retired so its really only driven to the golf course. First year I had it only put 1500 miles on it, in a YEAR. Absolutely love driving the car on the back roads of the Ozarks.

It will probably end up covered in my garage some day.

And the clubs carefully fit….

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite