The Boomerang Effect

Apr 12, 2022

Here’s Jeff Fox’s Z Story:  “So here’s the rest of the story. I bought my first 240z in 1995. Sold it in 2005 to restore vin #622. Sadly, vin #622 met a tragic ending. After a few others, I bought my present car that came in boxes. I put it together, had it painted the same 905. 
Last year, I asked Harold Burroughs to help restore it. He did a great job.

I go to get it and there’s another red 240z in his garage…My Original Car!

The guy I sold it to, sold it to a guy in Massachusetts who brought it to Harold to restore. They went hog wild. You’ve seen it on Harold’s posts. They didn’t want the slotted mags that I cleaned and polished up 20 years ago.

So go figure: I bought the rims that I had on my car 20 years ago. Here they are!”

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite