Surrounded By Datsun Culture

Feb 23, 2022

Dru Hartman’s Z Story: I’ve gotten the privilege to own, drive, and showcase a 1983 Datsun 280zx. I’ve been surround by the Datsun culture ever since I was young.

I’m close family friends with a former Datsun/Nissan Dealership mechanic, Ben Hickey, and grew up around his shop. Scattering Ben’s shop walls were BRE memorabilia, pictures of Ben and his friends racing 510’s, Z Cars coming in the shop, and BRE strips painted on the walls. Growing around this I formed my own love for Datsuns.

Once I turned 18, I saved up enough and sought out a 280zx of my own. I took Ben with me to show me the ropes and to help with the 5 hour trailer ride home. We started working on the Time Period Correct Sports Build on the ZX directly after. 2 1/2 years later, a lifetime worth of relationships & memories made and I’m still loving every mile!

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite