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Z Club of America exists to serve the Datsun/Nissan Z-series owners with a collection of articles, diagrams, links and experiences of fellow Z owners.

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Resource Library

This is where you will find diagrams, instructions, reviews, performance tests and how-to/diy tips, sourced from publications and manuals. ZCoA provides these documents as reference material to help you with the care and maintenance of your Z.      But let’s be clear, you’re on you own and ZCoA takes no responsibility if you mess up!

World-renowned car culture and commercial automotive photographer Larry Chen offers some insight of getting the best photo of your Z car.

Manuals and Diagrams

Search our database of Z Series and L Series documents. You might find the rare bit of information you need.

L Series ExplodedL24, L26, L28Exploded viewEngine Components84 DownloadPreview
Datsun Lock and KeySet - Cylinder Lock and Key for HLS S30 Datsun ZCylinder, Lock & Key locationsCylinder, Lock & Key factory part numbers62 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z ’78 Owners ManualDatsun 280z Owners Manual dated 1978Driving tips, safety features, dealer care and moreClear black & white illustrationsSome drawing are kinda hilarious45 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Wheel & TireDatsun 280z Wheels & Tire Service ManualSection WT - 5 pagesBasic Wheel and Tire specification & maintenance*Note: modern wheel and tire technology makes some of this info rather obsolete but valid if you have original parts47 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Steering SystemDatsun 280z Steering System Service ManualSection ST - 17 pagesSteering System service & specsTroubleshooting and Special Tools37 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Prop Shaft & DifferentialDatsun 280z Propeller Shaft and Differential Carrier Service ManualSection PD - 22 pagesProp (Drive) ShaftDifferential (Diff) CarrierService, Troubleshooting and Special Tools25 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Owners Manual 1977Datsun 280z Owners Manual dated 1977Operational Information and TipsBlack and white drawings112 pages of Owner knowhow48 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Owners Manual 1976Datsun 280z 1976 Owners ManualModel S30 SeriesOparational Instructions and TipsBlack and white Illustrations103 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Manual TransmissionDatsun 280z Manual Transmissions Service ManualSection MT - 16 pages4 Speed Operation, Service and TroubleshootingSpecial Tools36 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z General InformationDatsun 280z General Information Service ManualSection GI - 6 pagesModel Variations, ID numbersCapacities, Lifting Points and moreBlack & white Charts and Illustrations25 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Fuel SystemDatsun 280z Fuel System Service ManualSection EF - 67 pagesAir Cleaner, Electric Fuel InjectionSystem Construction & FunctionBlack & white Charts, Illustrations35 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Fuel Injection280Z Electronic Fuel Injection Book77 pages of Theory and TroubleshootingConcise, easy to read, black & white diagrams51 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Front AxleDatsun 280z Front Axle & Suspension Service ManualSection FA - 22 pagesInspection and adjustmentsAxle, Suspension Service DataTroubleshooting and special tools40 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Engine Tune UpDatsun 280z Engine Tune Up Service ManualSection ET - 28 pagesBasic Mechanical, Ignition, Fuel, EmissionsTroubleshooting and more35 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Engine Removal & InstallationDatsun 280z Engine Removal & Installation Service ManualSection ER - 6 pagesRemoval, Installation, Mounting InsulatorsA lot of work explained in a few pages36 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Engine MechanicalDatsun 280z Engine Mechanical Service ManualSection EM - 38 pagesDisassembly and AssemblyInspection and RepairService, Troubleshooting and more40 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Engine LubricationDatsun 280z Engine Lubrication System Service ManualSection EL - 6 pagesLubrication System, Service, Troubleshooting38 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Engine ElectricalDatsun 280z Engine Electrical System Service ManualSection EE - 48 pagesBattery, Charging, Ignition, Spark and moreLots of illustrations and diagramsCircuit Schematics40 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Engine, Fuel & ExhaustDatsun 280z Engine Control, Fuel & Exhaust Systems Service ManualSection FE - 14 pagesEngine Control SystemFuel & Exhaust SystemsCalifornia ModelsBlack & white illustrations40 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Emission Control SystemDatsun 280z Emission Control System Service ManualSection EC - 23 pagesCrankcase EmissionsExhaust EmissionsEvaporative EmissionsBlack and white illustrations39 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Cooling SystemDatsun 280z Cooling System Service ManualSection CO - 8 pagesCooling System, Troubleshooting32 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Clutch SystemDatsun 280z Clutch System Service ManualSection CL - 14 pagesClutch, Clutch Control, ServiceTroubleshooting and Special Tools25 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Brake SystemDatsun 280z Brake System Service ManualSection BR - 24 pagesFront, Rear and Emergency systemsTrouble shooting and special service tools38 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z Automatic TransmissionDatsun 280z Automatic Transmission Service ManualSection AT - 64 pagesHydraulics, removal, installation, repairsTroubleshooting and service data42 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z '77 Wiring DiagramDatsun 280z 1977 Schematic Wiring DiagramColor Coded©2004 ClassicZcars.com58 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z '77 Service ManualDatsun 280z Service Manual dated 1977All 681 pagesQuick Reference GuideFacts, Figures, Charts and DiagramsBlack & white Diagrams46 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z '75 Wiring DiagramsDatsun 280z 1975 Schematic Wiring DiagramBlack & White diagram with Color Codes Noted70 DownloadPreview
Datsun 280z '75 Service ManualDatsun 280z Service Manual dated 1975The entire 687 pagesQuick Reference GuideFactory stats, numbers and color codesBlack & white diagrams36 DownloadPreview
Datsun/Nissan Drivetrain RatiosDatsun/Nissan Differential Ratios for 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZXSpeedometer CogsRing Gear Identification #s5 Speed Identification '77-'8357 DownloadPreview
Cylinder Head Diagram43 DownloadPreview