• Legacy

Z Club of America’s 50+ years of existence to serve the Datsun/Nissan Z-series owners with a community of like-minded enthusiasts continues.

Our Motto and Hashtag: #ZOwnersUnite

Z CLUB of America

After our Founder Joe Casella put a couple thousand miles on his first 240z, the shocks needed replacing. But Z parts and knowledgeable technicians were scarce in those early days.

Listen to Joe tell the story of how he swapped those shocks and built a robust organization with the help of new Z owners who signed up as members to theĀ  Z Club of America.

The ZCoA legacy includes a robust schedule of Track Day events in the Northeast U.S. at Lime Rock, Pocono, Bridgehampton and Summit Point. Starting with a full track of Datsun Z’s, slowly the participants dwindled, but Joe reinvented the driving programs.

Casella pushed the performance of his Z – and himself – to go faster… resulting in the ZCoA forming Team Z Racing which competed in SCCA.

Hear Joe explain how the race program developed on the right.

During the Covid pandemic, Z Club of America evolved into a culture club that embraces owners of all Z cars, from 240z to 370z, as we prepare for the arrival of the new Nissan Fairlady 2022. Together, ZCoA members will unite all Z owners on the road, the track and Z-oriented events!

Photo Gallery for Team Z Racing