Hero and Hiro

Sep 1, 2022

Alejandro Pineda’s Z Story: Well, it’s a long story. I’ve known Him since I was a kid.

It was my Uncles and it sat since 95? He’s been sitting waiting for years. My Uncle finally said “I’m too old. here. for you.”, since I’m the only car guy in my immediate family.

I just got Him started the other day after 24 years!

His name is Hiro, a play on the word Hero and Hiro, a Japanese name.

I’m still finishing school, so a real restoration is not in kind at the moment. He’s an Arizona native car so not horribly rusted and rot is limited to the rocker panels, hatch landing, and the rear part of one of the support beams.

I’m trying to get him driveway worthy. I’m just cleaning what can be cleaned, reused and replacing what needs to be refreshed.

So far, it’s only been minimum issues. He idles amazing. Next is cooling, then brakes and suspension parts, then tires, fuel hoses and fuel pump. Just to be safe, new filters and injectors and spark plugs and wire set.

Before getting Hiro, I was already building a Honda DC5 Type S.

My fiancé said just throw the rear seats back in the DC5 so that I don’t have 2 two seaters… lol!

I do plan on keeping it. For sure!

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite

1977 280z