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Following in the footsteps of the Founder Joe Casella’s hand painted sign at the first Z event, “Z Owners Unite” is the motto and intention of every day.

For more than 50 years, ZCoA has focused on bringing all Z owners of all Z models together to forge mutually beneficial relationships and the cameraderie that exists within the Z Community.

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Our Story

Z Club of America, Inc. was founded in February of 1971 by Joe Casella.

“The purpose was to bring together owners of the Datsun 240Z to exchange ideas on how to maintain and modify the cars as well as create a community of like minded enthusiasts… for years we grew a club of z-lovers by providing driving events at race tracks and rallies that spread up and down the east coast.”

The fact the Z Club of America celebrated 50 years has something important to say about Z owners.

“I had signs made that said ‘Z Owners Unite’ as you can see in the photo that we would display at Lime Rock and other tracks in the early 70’s to recruit new Z Club members.”