A Twist Intro to Zs

Nov 9, 2021

Angelo and Daniel’s Z Story: Father and Son restored two Zs during Covid and made great use of pandemic times!
“My son bought his ’71 as just a roller at 18 years old. We dropped a L24 in it but he said “it’s coming out” so he bought a rb20det. Daniel learned how to weld a little at school but really learned while building his Z the car and was totally finished by the time he was 20. Last year, he found a car online, we looked at it and was going to flip it, but I bought his half out we did a basic easy build on it since body was very solid. Dropped in a running 2.4L from Jeff (the guy building the Hellcat Z, he can be looked up on insta and YouTube) … got it on the road this April, the car has been very reliable! Yesterday, he brought his back to storage that pic the last drive together this season . Very proud of my Son he got me into the Zs not the other way around!”

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite

Highlight restoration pics of Daniel’s white Z and Angelo’s orange Z.