A Green Flag

Sep 13, 2023

Shamime’s Z Story:  My mom has been trying to give away this car for years to someone who appreciates cars.

We decided months ago that it would go to the guy I am dating. Regardless of if we date forever we will always find ourselves good friends. To me that’s a green flag. Anyone who knows me and has healthy secure relationships with their current and past partners/friends knows it’s possible.

We often hear the loudest and the most unhappy, so if you think it’s not possible to have healthy relationships, break up, remain close friends, set up healthy boundaries etc it just means YOU are not yet capable and need to reflect on your own process. 

Excited to fix this cute car up, do a remake photo. And let the next chapter of the car continue with me and beyond me.
And to all the naysayers and thought makers, I hope someone thinks highly enough of you to give you a car and their time in a relationship and that the feelings and actions are mutual and full of healthy boundaries.

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite