A Blast To Drive

Jul 25, 2022

Dylan Scott’s Z Story: It was bought new by a guy in the neighboring city to where I work. 

He retired from the military and wanted something to drive on the weekends and he wanted it to be orange, so he decided on the 350z. He’s had it every since. Has the original window sticker and all of the paperwork from the day of the purchase and all of the maintenance since. 

I’m in sales at a powersports dealership and he came in last week looking at a Harley we had, long story short we traded him even and I ended up buying the car after we traded.

I’m 25 so the Z was popular in my younger years and I always loved the looks of them and wanted one, but have never put anymore thought or done any searching for one since, until this one came in. 

I just fell in love, such a blast to drive!

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite