3rd Time’s A Charm

Apr 22, 2024

Grace Buchanan’s Z story:  After grad school & landing my first teaching job, I purchased a silver 1981 automatic Datsun 280zx Turbo. I absolutely loved that car and was so proud when my daddy popped the hood the first time and was amazed at the engine because it was a straight 6! That little car never gave my an ounce of trouble except when I had to replace the starter and was it so much fun to drive. I had many cool adventures driving it!!! 

When I paid it off, I drove it for years until it had 120,000 miles. One day a Crown Victorian ran a blinking red light near Joe Cotton’s BBQ and hit my little car so hard that it ended up being pushed through a small space between a light pole and a street sign and ended up in the highway median. The damage was significant, & I cried for days. I took the insurance money and bought an ugly black Olds ‘98 because I was planning on starting a family and a Z car wouldn’t be ideal to use with a baby. 

A friend of my ex-husband decided to buy my Z car and fix it to drive. I sold it to him with my ex encouraging me to give him the title with a small down payment- expecting to get 2 monthly installments for the rest. I did what my ex said and never got the rest of my money. The buyer filed bankruptcy and listed my Z Car in the bankruptcy. So, not only did my beloved car get wrecked. It also was basically stolen from me. I have grieved over this car for many, many years, searching the internet with a desire to replace it. I even owned a silver Nissan 350z with a blue rag top for a while, but it just wasn’t the same. 

So a car identical to my old Z showed up on the internet right before Christmas this year. After having someone that knows lots about Z Cars (Jamal) take a look at it and state that it was a good car, I decided this was the one I had been looking for all these many years. It ships out tomorrow from Arizona and will be here Monday. I always thought guys were the ones that liked to tinker with project cars, but I’m breaking that mold! It is drivable and in good shape. It only needs a few minor things done. So- I can’t wait for it to get here and start on the project! 

I told my 92-year-old mom this story and she laughed so hard. She knew how much I loved my old Z and was sincerely happy for me to get closure. I can’t wait for HER to see it! It will be easier for her to get into instead of my Tacoma. The car on the left is my original car. The one on the right is my new one. Even the snowflake rims are the same! This will be my 3rd Z- Third time’s a charm!

What’s your Z story? #zownersunite